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  • Randomizations using dice or die will be done via

  • In regards to randomizations done for fillers, giveaways,  or cards in breaks with multiple teams, the minimum dice roll is 3 and we will ONLY reroll if the dice lands on 2.

  • If a player is pictured on a card wearing a different jersey than the team logo and/or team name printed on the card, the card is awarded to the team whose logo and/or name appears on the card and NOT the team on the jersey. (i.e. If a recently traded/signed player like LeBron James appears in a Cavalier uniform on the card but the team logo on the card is of the Lakers, the card would be awarded to the Lakers spot in the break.)

  • If a card is pulled in a break and features players from more than one team, that card will be randomized off to the participants who own those teams UNLESS one person owns >50% of the teams. In those cases, the card will be awarded to the person who owns >50% of the teams and WILL NOT go into the randomization process.

  • In breaks that contain a large amount of base cards (i.e. Bowman, Topps, etc), veteran base will not ship unless a specific request is made and additional postage is paid.

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